Toss It To Me!

Toss pages from here to there.

You found an infographic on your phone that you’d rather read on your laptop. Or an amazing gif that you want your friend to see, too.

Use Toss It To Me to send the page to your laptop.

When you get back to your computer, the tossed page will be open and waiting for you.

Toss It To Me! is a browser extension that automatically opens websites that you send to it. We call that “tossing.” You simply install the extension on the browser you want to accept the tosses, and on another device (typically a mobile device) you install a bookmarklet that you use to initiate the toss. The extension then “catches” the “toss” and opens the page for you. No more trying to remember what you wanted to look at on your laptop or relying on a bookmarking service to keep track of the site.

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